Ultrasound Technician Certification

There are many types of ultra sound technician certifications available in the industry today, each of which corresponds to a specific level of education and knowledge and therefore corresponds to a specific scale of pay and degree and quality of work. So, before choosing to follow a certain path leading to a particular certification, one need to look at various factors, weigh them carefully, and assess the odds against and odds in favor of the decision and proceed further so that it does not hurt the person.

Before deciding on what type of certifications are important to anyone, we shall look at various kinds of certifications available in the market today. There are three basic types of certifications available in the industry. They are:

1. Certification course
2. Associate’s degree
3. Bachelor’s degree

Certificate degree: Certificate degree is the quickest form of getting a degree in Ultra sound Technology. Students go to this kind of degree when they are short of time. This degree extends from a few months to as many as 1.5 years or 2 years. There are many universities which offer online certificates which are discussed in another article of this website under Ultrasound Schools. The entry level job aspirants mostly chose certificated degree due to its quick and cheap factors.

Associate’s Degree: An Associate’s degree is the degree chosen by most people. It is the kind of degree that has much more in depth knowledge and understanding of the sonographic study compared to certificate degree. Many have a degree in related medical field, and therefore when required to pursue a degree in Ultrasound scanning technology, it becomes important that the knowledge in this field specifically. It usually takes 2-3 years to obtain an Associate’s degree.

Bachelor’s Degree: A Bachelor’s degree in this field is the degree that has the most value. It is the most sought after degree because in Undergraduate studies, there is enough time for the student to learn, understand and implement the information taught and given to the student. Usually entry level jobs aspirants are not the ones who go on to get a Bachelor’s degree.

It is important to choose the type of degree which reflects the type of job aspired and the amount of pay expected.

People who aspire for entry level jobs must target the certificate degree as the basic functionalities of Medical Sonography are taught in certification course and that knowledge is enough for anyone to work in a regular entry level job. These jobs pay about $15-$18 an hour. With experience and knowledge, the pay scales are likely to grow higher. However, growth rates are comparatively lower to this kind of degree as other degrees grow in salary much higher.

People aspiring for more technical jobs must apply for Associate’s degrees. As they take much longer than the certification courses, these are much more informative and educative. These are the degrees that most ultra sound technicians hold.

If you aspire for a much higher value for your education in terms of money and quality of life, you need to go to the bachelor’s degree. Usually, entry level jobs are not taken by these degree holders. They get well- paid jobs ranging from $55,000 to $75, 000.

The top 10% of Ultra sound technicians, according to some study, earn more than $77, 000. According to the bureau of labor statistics, ultra sound technicians show good growth rate which is encouraging. The whole point is to mention that, no state in the United States require a certificate for employing an ultra sound technician. However, every employer prefers to recruit the one who is certified just so that there are lesser and lesser chances of error.

After getting one of the degrees, the technician needs to register with ARDMS- which stands for American Registry of Diagnostic Sonographers. This registration usually involves with passing an exam that tests the students on the physical and technical information about the instruments. A specific test that involves the detailed study of a branch of Sonography is also necessary. Almost all degrees emphasize on the same kind of material like medical ethics, anatomy, etc. There are a lot of schools which offer the study of ultra sound technicians. These days, a number of certified online schools are in the industry which offers qualitative and competitive education. It is discussed in other articles of this website as to how we can choose a good program from a good department in a good school- both online and on campus.

We hope that our information helped you in your endeavor to get a degree in ultra sound technician study. We wish you all the best.

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