Earn Top Ultrasound Technician Salary

Raking in roughly about $55,000 per annum, ultrasound technicians (sonographers or radiology technologists as they are referred to at times) are one of the highest paid employees in the health industry. But according to studies conducted by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), some 10% of the total number of ultrasound technician practitioners earns as much as $70,000. In some cases, they even earn up to more than $90,000. With these figures, those who are interested to become an ultrasound technician are left wondering: what can I do to increase my earning potential?

Of course, the number one answer to that is to gain lots of experience as a technician. Just like any other career, most jobs offer a salary increase after every few years to keep employees motivated as well as to keep up with the changing times. But you do not have to wait long if you want to receive a high-paying salary from your sonography work. What you have to do is to learn more and invest in yourself. If you finished a certificate course or an associate’s degree, work towards getting a bachelor’s degree.

If you so decide to go back to school and pursue higher education, choose accredited schools that will help you prepare for whatever State required exams that prospective employers are looking for in their applicants.

Completing your education is not the final step to success in this field. You will still be required to take certification tests that would further cement your credibility as a radiography technologist. These tests are required because they will help validate whether you understood your course and are ready for more and bigger responsibilities. In addition, this also proves how serious you are with becoming an ultrasound technologist.

As you gain reputation as a good sonographer, you will find yourself being promoted to the next level. This is, again, a source of higher income for you. With the promotion comes an increase in salary, which further equates to bigger responsibilities. You could be the department head of your team, or even by the whole sonography department. In other words, this could pave the way for you to handle a managerial position, directorship, or any supervisory position.

Another option is for you to teach in an ultrasound technologist school so you can share your knowledge and experiences to the next generation of practitioners. This is another source of major income especially if you will teach on a full-time basis.

There are lots of other ways to increase your earning potential as an ultrasound technician and these are just some of the most obvious ways to securing a brighter and more profitable future. Constantly update yourself and learn about the current trades in this industry to become even more successful in your career ultrasound technician.

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